4 Reasons Why Women Like Confident Men

Have you ever asked yourself what would drive a woman to you? If you are confident and direct rather than passive, then you are probably a winner in her eyes. Many single women complain about meeting men who are passive and indirect. Such men are considered by women to have no clear intentions, no solid plans and make dating exhausting rather than fun.

When there is direction and clarity, women feel relaxed. In this article, we take a look at some top reasons why women like to date confident men.

1. Confident men do not cause much stress

Dating should be fun and not stressful. It’s hard for women to trust indirect and ambiguous men and dating such men results in the lady’s confidence levels dropping when she continuously has to guess how the man feels.

When a man is confident and present with their woman while showing genuine interest dating becomes enjoyable. Women need to feel secure otherwise their self-esteem goes down and they would not want to risk with unenthused men.

2. Confident men do not waste their time

Confident men will be honest and upfront of his feelings towards a woman. On the other hand, ambiguous men tend to be dishonest and would waste a woman’s time. The beauty of being confident is that women feel confident knowing that if you have a problem, or something is bothering you, you will talk about it openly, and this puts their mind at ease. If you’re hard to read and indirect, women will easily know that you are not honest.

3. Confidence exudes security

Women believe that confident men are sexy. Confidence shoots from being secure with yourself and makes you direct. Women know that being confident and direct go hand in hand.

Most women believe that there is something seductive in direct and confident men. Being confident, honest, open, and straightforward in a relationship is an aphrodisiac to most women. Women are after success, a sense of humor and honesty which they believe results from confidence.

A large percentage of women get attracted to the alpha male because they go for what they want. Pursue her if you like her and you are likely to score bonus points for following up.

4. Direct men wear their hearts in their sleeves

Confident men do not beat around the bush due to the fear of being rejected. Being confident makes you transparent about your feelings and communicate them openly. Most women get attracted to emotionally open men than those who are closed off.

While young girls may get attracted to people who are hard to figure out, women are a direct opposite and will not waste their time on such men.