What Women Find Attractive in a Man

While it’s true that all women are unique when it comes to who they’d like to have as a mate, there are certain things or traits that seem to draw all of them regardless of how complex their ideals are. Ask any woman today, and they’ll tell you all the things they’d love to see in an ideal man. In fact, their list would be endless, and sometimes contradicting if you sampled two or more women. However, it’s not rocket science to get a clear grasp of what attracts the female human species to its male counterpart.

What Women Find Attractive in a Man rounded up in 4 points

Height is a big deal

Rice University professors conducted a research back in 2014 to determine what women wanted. They concentrated on multiple dating sites which had thousands of women profiles. They discovered that over 50% of women in these dating sites were looking for a male partner who was at least taller than them.

Women hold to the idea of tall, dark and handsome because they’ve been naturally wired to imagine so. The taller man, according to the world’s culture, is an embodiment of everything that’s masculine. So regardless of what we say, majority of women out there will prefer tall as opposed to short.

A deep voice

Why is it that women tend to find men with deep, huskier voice attractive? Well, according to studies, women perceive a deeper voice as a sign of stronger physicality, and this is something they are naturally geared to find attractive. However, this doesn’t mean that a woman cannot love a man who lacks this voice quality. It’s only one of the ideals she would love to see in her ideal partner, and not a necessity. Your ability to start a conversation and unlock her legs is always going to be more important than the quality of your voice.

Slower movements

Some movies have male characters that tend to do things at a slower pace. Such kind of characters are considered cool by most women. These characters hardly say a few dozens of words, but they are perceived to be more attractive than their other counterparts. According to some research, it has been found that men who are slow to deeds and speech are generally perceived to be attractive since they often come across as confident and at ease. Confidence is what women are looking for.

A good sense of humor

Good sense of humor is the way into a woman’s heart regardless of a man’s looks. Just take a look at the top 20 women’s profile in dating sites, and you’ll realize than at least 15 of them are listing good sense of humor as one of the top qualities they are looking for.

Women view good sense of humor as a sign of intellect or social intelligence. And seeing that women are naturally wired to respond positively to social intellect or intelligence, it’s easy to see why women consider humor as an attractive trait in their potential partners.

Final word

Men can work it to their advantage to attract women by improving on these skills — just in case they need to. However, they don’t generally need to have all these traits put in one package. No man is all-round perfect. But at least they can try to possess a few of those.